Variateurs linéaires - Aerotech


Les variateurs linéaires permettent de minimiser le bruit électronique et sont nécessaires dans les applications où la stabilité en vitesse est critique et / ou les déplacements doivent être les plus fluides possibles.

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Design Features

  • Single-axis digital servo controller with integral power supply and amplifier
  • Advanced software architecture shortens customer development time; use C#, VB.Net, C, and LabVIEW combined with our full IDE and multitasking operating system
  • Host-mode operation allows you to send commands with your PC via Ethernet or USB for immediate execution
  • Ethernet or USB permits networked Soloists for remote access
  • Ideal for simple applications with minimal setup or complex applications that use the full flexibility and scalability
  • Positioning control for brushless, DC brushtype, or stepping motors
  • Linear amplifier for low noise, ultra-high-performance applications
  • CE approved and NRTL safety certification; follows the 2011/65/EU RoHS 2 Directive
  • Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP interface provides full integration with the Soloist; program the Soloist directly from RSLogix 5000
  • Output power range is 10 to 20 A peak with ±10 to ±80 VDC bus




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