Variateurs à découpage PWM - Aerotech


Les variateurs digitaux à découpage 20 kHz PWM permettent de piloter et de calibrer les platines et les moteurs. La boucle de rétroaction s’ effectue au niveau du variateur.

Voir ce rack avec toutes ses spécifications sur PWM

Design Features

  • Single-axis digital servo controller with integral power supply and amplifier
  • Advanced software architecture shortens customer development time; use C#, VB.Net, C, and LabVIEW combined with our full IDE and multitasking operating system
  • Host-mode operation allows you to send commands with your PC via Ethernet or USB for immediate execution
  • Ethernet or USB permits networked Soloists for remote access
  • Ideal for simple applications with minimal setup or complex applications that use the full flexibility and scalability
  • Positioning control for brushless, DC brushtype, or stepping motors
  • CE approved and NRTL safety certification; follows the 2011/65/EU RoHS 2 Directive
  • Available in models up to 10 A peak current
  • Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP interface provides full integration with the Soloist; program the Soloist directly from RSLogix 5000



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