Plateforme ENSEMBLE - Aerotech


La plateforme de pilotage ENSEMBLE d’Aerotech permet de piloter jusqu’ à 10 axes;

Le pilotage s’ effectue via une connexion Ethernet ou USB.

Un fonctionnement autonome est possible sans être connecté à un PC

Voir la gamme et le choix de controleurs ENSEMBLE

Télécharger les logiciels de la gamme ENS SOFT

The Ensemble® is Aerotech’s next-generation, multi-axis, stand-alone controller for moderate-to-high performance applications and can control brushless, brush, or stepper motors or stages in any combination with both PWM and linear drives, for 1 to 10 axes.

Design Features

  • Up to 10 axes of coordinated motion
  • Multiple 10-axis systems can be controlled by a single PC via Ethernet or USB
  • Controller architecture capable of coordinating motion of up to five independent tasks
  • Capable of driving and controlling linear or rotary brushless, DC brush servo and micro-stepping motors
  • Complete motion capabilities include: point-to-point, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, velocity profiling
  • Runs brushless servo, brush, stepper or voice coil
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The Ensemble® is Aerotech’s next-generation, multi-axis motion controller for moderate- to high-performance applications with high-speed communication through 10/100 Base T Ethernet or USB interfaces. The Ensemble can control any Aerotech brushless, brush, or stepper motors or positioning stages in any combination and both PWM and linear drives are available. It offers easy to use, affordable multi-axis motion programming for laboratory experimentation, production testing, or advanced OEM automated manufacturing systems.



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