Plateforme SOLOIST - Aerotech


La plateforme de pilotage SOLOIST d’Aerotech permet de piloter un axe.

Le pilotage s’ effectue via une connexion Ethernet ou USB.

Un fonctionnement autonome est possible sans être connecté à un PC

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The Soloist® is a single-axis, stand-alone servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier, and position controller in a single, economical package.

Design Features

  • Positioning control for brushless, DC brush-type or stepping motors
  • Available in models up to 150 A peak current
  • Ethernet, USB or RS-232 connectivity
  • Digital current loop
  • Integral shunt resistor network or optional external shunt
  • Optional encoder multiplier (opto x1000)
  • CE approval
  • Linear amplifier (HLe, ML) for low noise, ultra-high-performance applications
  • Runs brushless servo, brush, stepper or voice coil
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Aerotech’s Soloist® is a single-axis servo controller that combines a power supply, amplifier and position controller in a single package. The Soloist can control up to five tasks simultaneously, as well as handle variables and manage I/O, making it well-suited for demanding production applications. The Soloist has high-speed position latch inputs and advanced data logging capabilities, making it ideal for laboratory and test instrument applications. The advanced software architecture shortens customer development time while including support for C#, VB.Net, LabVIEW® and MATLAB®, combined with our full IDE and multitasking operating system. Host-mode operation allows you to send commands with your PC via Ethernet or USB for immediate execution, while Ethernet or USB also permit networked Soloists for multi-axis sequenced motion and I/O passing



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