Laser CO2 Synrad pulsé Firestar ti100 W



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The firestar ti100 pulse features:

  • 300+ watts peak pulsed power
  • 100+ watts average power
  • Excellent beam quality and pulsing characteristics
  • Fast rise/fall times (< 60 µs/< 100 µs)
  • Integrated RF design
  • Built-in “tickle” generator
  • Color-coded LED’s mirror user outputs
  • Optoisolated +5-24 VDC inputs and outputs
Synrad continues its 30 year tradition of providing the best in industrial laser solutions with the introduction of the firestar ti100p pulsed laser.

The ti100p is a pulsed laser design based on the high-performance ti100 platform and delivers over 300 watts of peak pulse power with 100+ watts of average output power.

Like our other ti-Series lasers, the ti100p is lighter and more compact than competing lasers and with its fully integrated RF design the ti100p easily installs into any type of motion system without the added weight of external RF power supplies and cables. In addition, lower weight translates into lower inertia which is important when the laser is mounted on a gantry or robotic actuator.

The ti100p has the same familiar LED indicators and I/O interface found on all ti-Series lasers and also shares common mounting and beam exit dimensions. In addition, all ti100p lasers feature a factory-installed 4X beam expander. In harsh operating environments, a larger output beam reduces the potential for developing hot spots that can damage exposed optical surfaces.

The ti100p is available in 9.3 µm, 10.2 µm, and 10.6 µm wavelengths. See the ti100p data sheet or below for specifications


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